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We Exist to Build and Help Build
Honest, Conscious, Meaningful Businesses.

We spent the Last Six Years helping Conscious Businesses, largely D2C Brands, with Communications, Operations, and Strategy.

We also spent this time learning across disciplines like Marketing, Storytelling, Morality & Ethics, Conscious Capitalism, and Sustainability. Our Ideas bring the Best of these Disciplines to Everything we Think, Say, and Do.

Most recently, we helped a Nanad-Bhabhi ki Jodi in Bihar turn a Rs. 20L investment into Rs. 20L+ in monthly revenues.You may have seen them on Shark Tank India. We’re proud co-owners with the duo in the business.

We see an incredible Indic Cultural Startup Opportunity. In a diverse country like India, that has a new subculture every 100 kms, we see all the reasons why more brands like JhaJi Store can come up and fascinate people from all corners of the world.

If you’re pursuing a related opportunity, we have some help to offer based on what we have seen and learned in the world of direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

CRO Audit Report

We can help your Shopify Store convert Visitors to Customers Efficiently.How does 3%+ Conversion Rate sound?

Meaningful emails

We can help generate more sales from Subscribers and Existing Customers.How does 20%+ Revenue from returning customers sound?

Consult on D2C

All questions welcome around running Facebook Ads, Storytelling on blog or emails, or Optimizing your Store for Conversions?We help Think Through and Plan Right.

If you find our work interesting, you can say hi or stay in touch with us on Email. We’ll write to you once every few weeks, whenever we have anything interesting to share.

Mensch Ventures is founded and run by
Aishwarya V Chaturvedi & Mayank Kumar.